Our company

Video of 2 minutes which presents C10PLAY

    As a designer, a developer, and a manufacturer of cardboard and multi-material POS Displays, C10PLAY is specialized in the fields of Specialized Distribution and Mass Market.

     By using the expertise of Graphic Arts, our organization is able to work by respecting at the same time costs, delays, and quality. We are bringing solutions to your technical and commercial restrictions in order to guaranty the success of your project.

    Our team works with a continuous improvement in order to offer an optimized solution on every step: 3D creation, innovation, performing purchaser service .

     In order to be productive and facilitate the exchange of information between us, every step of your project is handled by one interlocutor who coordinates our different services (quotations, Design, Development, Manufacture, Logistics…). This person would remain at your disposal from the Design of your POS until the delivery in your point of sale.


Our history

     Created in February 2013by its 5 co-founders C10PLAY, C10PLAY is one of the subsidiary of Group RC Concept, specialized in luxury POS.


      Then, C10PLAY complements the competencies of Group RC Concept, by focusing itself in the fields of Drugstore and Mass distribution. It allows thus to have a better understanding of the restrictions and to respect them. At the same time, the common objective is kept, namely the constant search for innovation and cost optimization.

   Thanks to a key role in listening and advising, some ingenuity and a perfect knowledge of the technical characteristics of the various materials and accessories used for highlighting your products, C10PLAY can adapt itself upon the budget constraints of your POS, while ensuring the manufacturing quality of RC CONCEPT GROUP.

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Our team


Our values

« Client satisfaction » 

Our teams work every day in order to meet your expectations.

« Doing better with less » 

Because innovation is the key to adapt our technics and our materials to your budget and design expectations.


« Now is already too late » 

We are in a dynamic business and we are always anticipating for new solutions.

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Our materials

      Our creation studio, Lestud10, relies on different materials in order to develop an emotional, visual and sensorial experience. The principal idea of the creation of your visual and graphic identity is made from more than 8 000 materials referenced in our data base.